M1024KS01PID-Printed chino/pigment dyed grey

$114.50 $229.00

Selvedge twill from Endrime

Weight - 9oz

Turn back waistband fly selvage detail

Selvage pocket barrier

Outside selvage waistband, cut from a continuous strip selvage to selvage 29" 

Selvage pocket bag with machine stamps and washing stamps

Internal selvage waistband with 1/2" lip

Selvage coin pocket clean construction

No stitch pocket scoop

Tailored belt loops

Leather backed two pinned endrime donut buttons with branded pin

Chain stitched button holes

Heavy chain stitched selvage side seams super narrow selvage sewing

Hand printed hand sketch

5/16" run and felled chain stitched seams

3/8" single needle chain stitch






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